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ITEM Baby Delf SALVIA RELEASE PERIOD 30th May 2018,Cute Bjd Dolls, 12:00 (KST

1/3 BJD DOLL Honey Delf BORY

ITEMHoney Delf BORY RELEASE PERIOD 23rd April,Bjd Boy Doll, 2019 (Tue) 12:00 ~

1/3 BJD DOLL Honey31 Delf Hands – 1

ITEM Honey31 Delf Hands - 1 (Rocks) RELEASE PERIOD 30th Nov,Blank Bjd Dolls,

1/3 BJD DOLL Senior Delf Muse JEAN

ITEMSenior Delf Muse "JEAN" RELEASE PERIOD16.IntroductionAs a Princess o

1/3 BJD DOLL Steampunk Sniper rifle + SDF Girl Hand part

ITEMSteampunk Sniper rifle + SDF Girl Hand part RELEASE PERIOD3rd June,Bjd Cat

Magical Lati Orange Awakened Choco Tan Full Set 16cm 6; Doll Peddlar BJD

Lati Orange  ver.Inspired by Disney’s animated classic Aladdin,Volks Bjd,Genuine,Male Bjd, Original,Realistic Bjd Doll, Authentic Disney Store.   Cholo (TAN  skin),Bjd

Roller Skates (Baby Blue) Lati Yellow/Blythe/Momoko/Etc Doll Peddlar BJD

SK Couture has produced these highly detailed and difficult to produce Roller Skates in 9 colors.Outstanding designunbelievable statue poses,Iplehouse Dolls,

Ylang Garden Long Sleeve T-Shirt 3 &8220;Mecanic Boys&8221; 1/8 Doll Peddlar BJD

Handmade long sleeve t-shirt with two tone sleeves and decal.SCULPTRUAL FIGURE WITH PAINT JOB :This Vegeta Statue utilizing cool style