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ITEM Kid Delf BLACKEVENT PERIOD Nov.Talk about creature comforts! Her pet bat Co

1/3 BJD DOLL Model Delf Hands-2 (for Boy New Type Body only)

ITEM Model Delf Hands-2 (for Boy New Type Body only) INCLUDEParts (Other parts

1/3 BJD DOLL Neck FIX(fasten) parts for OBITSU 11 Body

ITEMNeck FIX(fasten) parts (for OBITSU 11 Body) RELEASE PERIDE16th December 20


ITEMTiny Delf YEONDU RELEASE PERIOD2018.Barbie doll has a curvy body shape and

1/3 BJD DOLL Zuzu Delf Full Set – G

ITEM Zuzu Delf FULL SET G RELEASE PERIOD14th September,Custom Bjd, 2018 17:00

Crystal Belly Cat Ghosty Pink 2; Doll Peddlar BJD

Crystal Belly  Ghosty pink All Crystal Belly can sit,Bjd Joint, are about 2″‘ and come in lovely window presentation box.BJD Doll

HH0022A YU PING Red Print Fabric Shoes Doll Peddlar BJD

Red Print Fabric Shoes Yu Ping & Lati Yellow Additional information Weight 0.Meticulously sculpted and detailed to capture specific features

SK Vanna Fur High Heels (White) Fits Lati-Yellow/Blythe/Pullip/E Doll Peddlar BJD

Fur High Heel (Vanna) and Flat Shoes (Adalyn).BJDs inspire a sense of connection to the artistic spirit within collectors.  

Violin: 6;x2; , MSD, SD size Doll Peddlar BJD

Never opened package with violin and bow.BJDs inspire a sense of attachment through the bond between owners and dolls.  All

Ylang Garden Basic Mori Skirt (Blue Floral) Fits 1/8 Dolls Doll Peddlar BJD

Handmade skirt only.With more than twenty years focus on production of dolls,Kawaii Bjd Doll, We take product safety very seriously

Ylang Garden Jeans/Leggings 1 1/8 Doll Peddlar BJD

Handmade jeans/leggings/jegging.Give the Gift of Joy: The life-like newborn doll will be a thoughtful present for your lovers and kids,Crobidoll,

Ylang Garden Lolita Dress (Purple) Fits Blythe/Momoko/Etc Doll Peddlar BJD

Handmade cotton and lace dress and lace socks.Parameters,Popovy Sisters Doll,Total height:(Head included): 30 cm,Miku Bjd, Weight(Naked doll): 127 g  Fits